To scan trayed towers

Gamma Scan

Enspek’s Non-invasive Gamma Scan technique is used to evaluate trayed columns for hydraulic performance and mechanical integrity. This critical knowledge is needed to optimise production and minimise plant downtime.

Results are delivered on site for immediate Implementation of the appropriate measures to increase production by reducing shut down time and lowering operating costs.

Any Tower, Any Time

Enspek Asia is the industry leader in Gamma Scanning inspections. We scan distillation columns, large and small, anywhere from 2 meters to over 100 meters, as well as ones measuring more than 15 meters in diameter. We cover any tower, with every possible assortment of tray, packing and downcomer configurations.

Gamma Scans have many uses including troubleshooting- shutdown planning, process optimisation and condition monitoring. Our teams are well trained to assess your unique situation and work towards the most
effective solutions.

Trayed Tower

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