Cathodic Protection (CP)

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Enspek Asia offers the most advanced and complete system for Cathodic Potential (CP) and Field Gradient Inspection measurements. The system comprises of a single contact probe with dual electrodes, a subsea converter bottle and surface display & logging software. This system utilises a remote mobile processor enable live data to. be. stored and transmitted onto a Cloud for engineers onshore to view and process data without delay.

The system can be easily interfaced with a work class or mini ROV, requiring only one RS232 or 422/485 compatible up link and 24V DC power supply.

SUB-SEA Transmitter Unit

The primary task of this unit is to provide the communication link between the sub-surface transmitter and the computer.

Powered from local supply on the submersible vehicle, the sub-sea transmitter unit (electronics bottle) converts the signals from the probe and remote electrode into a digitally coded data stream.

It communicates with the data receiver on board the support ship, by means of two conductors (twisted pairs) in the submersible vehicle's umbilical cable. RS232 data communications is available. The inherent noise immunity of digital signalling makes the data link very reliable.


Data from CATHPRO SOLUTIONS CP monitors is automatically stored and transmitted in a management report to the system HQ where it is then accessed online via the Internet or displayed and archived in the PC based Grafana software.

CATHPRO SOLUTIONS has a suite of proprietary software designed and maintained specifcally for cathodic protection surveys.

The on-line logging program is readily configured to accept different navigation inputs and to output the real-time data in a choice of formats.

The processing software also provides a choice of formats for the final results, (for plotting onto pipeline charts or incorporating into the client's database).

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